Our Services

Kitchen & Bath eDesign

Are you looking to create a beautiful and functional kitchen?  Do you need more of a visual and guidance.? Then this service is right for you. We specialize in Edesign services for kitchen and bath..

The cost varies on what you need, the size of the room/project, and the amount of time it will take to create.

What Do You Receive?

  1. Design Questionnaire

  2. Discovery Call

  3. Kitchen floor plan with elevations

  4. Realistic 3D Renderings of the area

  5. Complete  List of cabinets with installer notes.

  6. Three Revisions


Take our questionnaire below and we'll schedule a complimentary call to get you started and answer any questions.


Kitchen & Bath Design

Are you ready to renovate or redesign your kitchen or bath

Let  me and my design team use our expertise to get you started. Avoid costly mistakes before it happens. This service starts with an In-Home consultation for a fee of $175.00 usd. After the consultation we will go over your project and I will present you with a quote for my design services. The cost varies on what you need, the size of the room/project, and the amount of time it will take to create.

What Do You Receive

  1. In Home Consultation

  2. Measurement of Kitchen

  3. Complete design  concepts with new floor plan

  4. Detailed floor plan, elevations, cabinet list, installer notes

  5. Realistic 3D Rendering

  6. Cabinet samples, counter top samples from local reputable suppliers 

  7. Three Revisions


Some of our clients want to move forward with full service kitchen remodel. At that point any further service is custom quoted.  This service would include installations of cabinets,  final measurements before cabinet order and project management.

The designs we work up is yours, to implement how you want with or without further services. from us.

To The Trade Services

Are you looking to free up some of your valuable time and focus on doing what you love?

Are you wanting to incorporate quality 3D renderings into your client presentations?

I provide assistance to other designers from coast to coast for their business and I know the value of working with someone who understands the industry. 

I specialize in Kitchen and Bath design, but can render other rooms as well.

Whether you need just a rendering or a rendering with technical layouts, I'm your person. Let me help you maximize your time. and bring your client presentations to the next level.